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Restaurant Business in London Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Restaurant Business in London - Essay Example Other important applications include informing the details of the restaurant business to the sales personnel, suppliers and others so that they become aware of restaurant business's goals and achievements. Let's look at the essential elements of restaurant business for a computer-centralize system and for the growth of the business with proper technology associated with a group of restaurants. Giraffe restaurants comprise of group of eight restaurants based in London and concentrates more on weeknight business clienteles. Employing proper technological applications for appropriate work solves many problems. Giraffe restaurants use outdated technological applications that create more problems than solutions. Giraffe restaurants use standalone PCs to meet the requirements like billing, checking in and checking out of the customers etc. Using PCs is not the problem; the problem arises due to non-availability of network systems in the five restaurants. They don't have any central reservation systems that can keep them updated about the different activities of the restaurants all the time. Most of the work is done manually at these eight restaurants. All the eight restaurants general managers are answerable to group managing director (MD). The restaurant general mangers prepare a report by extracting the required data from various systems of the restaurants and create management reports using a word processing application. This report is submitted to the group-managing director that would be analysed to make any changes in the daily activities of the restaurants. .Many of the natural habitat development and Restaurant business sites have tried to develop their Restaurant business to luxurious villas and motels. United Kingdome being the leader in developing the Restaurant business can take up the cause more seriously but developing Restaurant business is an important concern for developed countries and what about the underdeveloped countries They merely have enough food for every meal. They have to work every hour and every minute to earn a living. The case is same for most of the African and Asian countries. These countries and literally funds need to be allocated by the government to develop Restaurant business and hence plans can be formulated for Restaurant business. Restaurant business is showing high-end results, impact on the part of economical evolutions on nations mainly on cities and individual person's life standard. Because of the Restaurant business the technologies have exchanged. Restaurant business is having tremendous impact on cities. Cities are transforming into great industrial belts. As the industries grow there will be visible impact on the economy. Job opportunities grow and innumerable colonies are developed. The growth is multifold and the technology exchange migration takes place. Restaurants have a maximum impact on the other business as well. Influence of eating trends generally also depends on the kind of restaurant and how it is done up and the place where the restaurant is located. People of different nations migrate to cities. Different nations of people live in one city, like in United Kingdome representing unity in diversity with so many cultures and traditional values. Different languages are spoken. Municipalities also register an inevitable

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