Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Reflective journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reflective journal - Essay Example This chapter presents a transparent idea about gerontology and what it is all about. Starting from the etymology of the word to its recent purpose and development are discussed thoroughly and with sound evidences throughout the chapter. Chapter 1 of the book prepares its readers to understand the complexity and myth regarding aging. The evidences are skilfully derived and help to wipe out many common inhibitions regarding old age. The first chapter itself shows the path that the entire book deals with. Old age is nothing more than a passing phase of life and has its own delicacies and intricacies very much similar to any other phase of human life. The book is a psychological plethora and treasure house of academic research about the adulthood as a phase in human life. It systematically enables its readers to understand the subtleties of old age and the initiating chapter in this regard is very helping and thoughtful and renders a free passage, access to the entire volume generating elaborate and skilful interest. Chapter 2 of the book precisely deals with the troubles and major myths concerned with the problems of aging. The precise definition for the initiating period for adulthood is difficult. The chronological age for the adulthood varies from culture to culture. At places it is dependent on the activity and responsibility, an individual is bearing. At other places, it is guided by certain cultural complexities and inhibitions. The chapter is precisely concerned with the events that mark the transitional phases of life. Events which are responsible for marking the initiation of the adulthood, along with the concepts of love, Erikson’s Identity crisis, the concept of intimacy are some of the key concepts discussed in the chapter thoroughly. The chapter 2 of the book bearing the name â€Å"Young Adulthood:

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