Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rome essays

Rome essays There were two great times of social disturbence in the Roman era. The first upheaval occurred in circa 445 BC. The second upheaval took place during Julius Caesars term of dictatorship. This took place about 45 BC. In both these cases the classes changed and were allowed rights that they havent had before. During the Struggle of Orders, the pleabeains wanted representation in the senate. During the late republic, many aristocrats were buying the farms from the small farmers. Due to this the farmers had no where but the army to turn for money. So in the late republic a leader by the name of Scipio Aemilianus gave there soldiers land to cultivate after their term in the army was over. Before the Struggle of Orders, the pleabeins did not have any representation in the senate. Representation is exactly what they had wanted. They wanted a voice because they didnt think that they were being heard. The patricians at that time the only men allowed in the senate. They were protected by anybody in the senate. The plebeians were right; the men of the senate only made laws that benefited themselves. They would not make laws that changed their lives in the least. I believe that the plebeians benefited from the Struggle of Orders. Before hand they were given no voice in the senate of Rome. Afterwards the plebeians were allowed representation. They were given the position of the Tribune. The Tribunes were the protectors of the plebeians. All they wanted was equality within the law. In result of this, the Roman law became more rounded and fairer. This helped the city out socially because the Plebeians were the majority in those times. During the late republic there were many wars that plagued Rome. They depended on an army that was always on standby. Who were their armies made up of? The Roman armies were made of plebeians. Most of the soldiers were small plebeian farmer ...

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