Thursday, September 26, 2019

Alzheimer-Related Disabilities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Alzheimer-Related Disabilities - Assignment Example However, before it reaches to that stage, she will need to undergo further neurological tests and speech tests every so often to determine the progress of the disease. She therefore needs to establish a fund for these expenses. She is currently living alone which is something that will have to change as the disease progresses to an extent that she cannot be able to carry out routine chores without assistance due to the degeneration. She is also bound to forget a lot of tasks which will necessitate one of her children to come live with her. It is important to maintain her housing as she needs familiar environment in order to cope better. As a result of the numerous tests and special attention for the patient, the disease will demand having a stable financial background. Ellen is only a secretary but the fact that she has worked for 34 years is a guarantee that she is entitled to a handsome social security fund. Since she will be having a disability, she will get the disability fund and once she is 65 years old, she will benefit from the elderly people allowances (Fijiura, 2010). As mentioned above, Alzheimer’s disease degenerate the brain through hardening of the arteries which leads to loss of mental skills and abilities. The individual is therefore deemed dependent and cannot perform normal functions such as the usual jobs and chores. In this case therefore, Ellen will not be able to perform her secretarial job or even her home chores effectively. She is bound to forget or lack ability to comprehend what is needed to be performed. Some of the early symptoms of the disease include loss of sense of time or even place; have a decline in activities such as those that she used to be able to perform and were easy now become difficult including being able to take a bath. There are changes in personality where she may become

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