Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Government Regulation of Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Government Regulation of Climate Change - Essay Example n the atmosphere is believed to cause extreme climatic conditions such as droughts, torrential rains, floods and heat waves and these have catastrophic effects on human beings and animals. However, of growing concern is the fact that human activities as a result of industrialization are responsible for causing global warming which is a main contributor to climate change. As such, government regulation of climate change is imperative in order to address this dire situation which is a major threat to people’s lives in the near long run if left unabated. Gore (2006, p. 5) says: â€Å"In every corner of the globe- on land and in water, in melting ice and in disappearing snow, during heat waves and droughts, in eyes of hurricanes and in tears of refugees- the world is witnessing mounting and undeniable evidence that nature’s cycles are profoundly changing.† These extreme changes in climate are making some parts of the globe uninhabitable. Thus, a holistic approach should be taken in order to combat this threat to the climate. Whilst industrial development is necessary to our lives, it must be noted that environmental concerns should also be given priority since they can lead to catastrophic climate changes discussed above. Therefore, government regulation on climate change is imperative. This can significantly help in addressing some of the problems that are caused by human activities with regards to the impacts of global warming. The government being the overall authority in the country, it has the power effect measures that are designed to address the issue of climate change. The government can use command and control regulations where it promulgates policies that are meant to ensure that certain actions are prohibited. For instance, the government can put measures that are meant to minimise the use of substances that are responsible for emitting excessive quantities of greenhouse gas emissions such as coal. The government can also put stringent measures that

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