Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Internet-Based Company and IT Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Internet-Based Company and IT Systems - Essay Example For instance, Google recently introduced "Google My Business," a platform that gives companies the opportunity to interact with customers. The company uses this application to interact with customers. The "Google My Business" integrates a variety of tools, such as Google Maps, Search, Hangouts, Insights and Google +. These tools allow business to manage their online presence at once (Nassivera, 2014). Through My Business, companies can manage information and respond faster to customer reviews. Additionally, the service enables businesses to have easy access to data about customers and their engagements. This implies that businesses using the IT tool are able to engage easily with their customers and respond faster to their queries, thereby helping build better customer relations. My Business tool also enables companies to add photos and videos about their businesses and respond to customer reviews with a lot of ease. Moreover, companies using the My Business are able to connect to customers through Google Hangout and Google+, thereby helping companies interact better with their customers (Nassivera, 2014). In the end, the companies are able to maintain close contact with customers thereby helping build a better customer relation and loyalty. Nassivera, J. (2014, June 12). Google introduces My Business service to improve company and customer relationship. HNGN, p. 1

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