Friday, September 6, 2019

My holiday in Spain Essay Example for Free

My holiday in Spain Essay I have been to many different holiday places but I have chosen salou because they were many different places to visit and loads of things to do. I went to Spain when I was 14 years old, with my family. I stayed in a hotel called port salou it had two very large swimming pools inside and out. The weather was fabulous and the food was delicious. The first place we visited was the beach. All I could hear was the waves crashing against the warm sandy shore. The sand was golden and warm to walk on people were bathing and doing activities on the beach such as volley ball and jet skiing. The best activity I remember was the banana boat. Then we visited Barcelona zoo, in the zoo was an aquarium there were many varieties of fish and mammals, the ones that I remember the most was the huge man eating sharks their big black eyes were like shiny pebbles I could also see their razor sharp teeth which were like shards of glass. There was also an aviary full of tropical, colourful parrots squawking and fooling around in the trees. Then we approached the reptile house and a collection of primates. Hosting the worlds only albino gorilla. The albino gorilla was the main attraction at Barcelona zoo drawing in many crowds. The next place we visited was the camp Nou stadium football ground, home to Barcelona football club. Barcelona football ground was enormous holding 98,000 spectators. We were allowed to stand on every tier to see how high they were. we were not allowed on the pitch as they were a small group training. We then went to the museum to see all the trophies Barcelona had won. I was amazed there was a lot all placed in large glass cabinets. Along side the trophies were every kit Barcelona had worn over the years. There were also footballs with Barcelonas badge on which had been used in big games. The final place we visited was port Ventura a large theme park not far away from salou. It had one of the worlds largest roller coasters, and had many other attractions including shows, large play areas my sister enjoyed. We spent a full day there and didnt manage to see every attraction. The absolute best part of my holiday was the Barcelona football stadium, without a doubt the sizes was unbelievable. I also enjoyed the museum because I liked looking at the trophies. I couldnt stop looking at the kits and how much they had changed over the years. On the way out we visited the gift shop I bought a Barcelona football and football shirt it was my favourite visit of the holiday salou was one of the most enjoyable holidays I have ever had and a place I would like to visit in the future. then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then . then Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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