Thursday, September 12, 2019

Religions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Religions - Essay Example David, therefore, is a source of authority among Christians. David’s background also indicates that he was a man after God’s heart. When the first king of Israel, Saul, fell from grace, God had to select the next king through Samuel. Samuel had clear instructions from God: the next king of Israel had to be a man after God’s heart. After unsuccessfully pouring the anointing over the eldest sons of Jesse, Samuel asked if there was one left out. David was physically insignificant to the point of being overlooked during such an event. However, he was after God’s heart, and therefore, qualified to become king over Israel. Initially, the Israelites’ perception of kingship was different from God’s. Before King Saul, God ruled over Israel through prophets such as Samuel. But because the Israelites face constant attacks from their enemies, they started pestering Samuel for a king. They needed somebody to lead them to war and protect them with a human military army. God gave them Saul, but he failed miserably as he has too many human weaknesses. This was because he was not after God’s heart but his selfish interests. Consequently, he could not continue being king in Israel. Soon, the Israelites were voicing their regrets over King Saul. God was also displeased with Saul and eventually, the Israelites needed another king. As king of Israel, David trusted in God and was able to succeed where Saul had floundered. First, he was able to reunite all the tribes of Israel. Prior to his kingship, Israel was a ragtag of confederacies, the most notable being the northern confederacy, with its headquarters at Shechem. The tribe of Ephraim dominated this confederacy. As a united front, Israel now presents a vastly stronger adversary to their enemies. Secondly, by trusting and believing in God, David won many wars. The Philistines had posed the greatest threat to the wellbeing of the Israelites, but David was able to vanquish them once and for all. Consequently,

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