Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Explain why art is something that has great value both monetarily as Essay

Explain why art is something that has great value both monetarily as well as a reflection of the highest achievements of humankind - Essay Example Art has a great value monetarily, not only because it can obtain high prices, but also because it inspires artists to continue their craft. In the world of the arts, artists are either making money or struggling and poor. Despite the lack of financial compensation, highly-paid artworks drive artists to continue making art that has different purposes and meanings. They believe that they are making something that has eternal value to present and future generations. The monetary value of art also inspires young artists, which ensures the continuity of the arts. Art also has social significance because it connects people, as they find personal and/or collective meaning in art. Art becomes a manifestation of the highest achievements of humankind, when people find something valuable in it. These values provide eternal life to artists and their works. For those who appreciate art and find it valuable, art changes people’s thinking and actions. Sometimes, art can also help change the world and turn it into a better place. Art has financial and social values because people provide these values. It is through their appreciation and interpretation of art in their lives that breathes purpose into art. Art is not always just something to be seen and consumed aesthetically. Sometimes, it also provokes intelligent thoughts that can spark individual and collective changes. Sometimes, art can also transform societies and make humanity work toward their greater

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